An Easter Odyssey

31 March and 1 April 2013

The Odyssey track building competition over Easter saw 55 people carve over 1000 metres of track. It ended up spanning two days, because we tried unsuccessfully to postpone on Sunday when the weather started out looking diabolical, but three Nelson teams were already on their way, despite torrential rain. Luckily it fined up, and they were joined by a dozen locals and the Kennett clan team from Wellington.

On Sunday, competitors built the track all the way through the pines to the 800 metre mark. First equal, having built 160 metres each, were the Quiet Revolution team and the Kennett clan team. The Trail Saints from Nelson were only 10 metres behind in third place.

The weather was perfect on Monday the 1 April, so 30 Golden Bay locals entered, but the building was much tougher as we carved across a steep scrubby face for almost 300 metres.

The end result is that well over half the track has been built. It is currently grade 4 in the pines and grade 5 below that. There is still a fair chunk of work to go, so it probably won't be rideable all the way through until summer.

Many thanks to the event sponsors for prizes and materials: Ground Effect, Giro, Cycletech, Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop and The Kennett Brothers.

The startline to the Odyssey competition


The Kennett's flavoursome Cyclops marks the start of the track - be warned, this track ain't for the faint hearted.
And here's how a Nelson crew from day 1 set to.
The Nelson Trail Saints take out a moment for a photograph - but just a moment mind; they were fully focussed on winning the day's event.

The Golden Bay team wasn't having a bar of it though; no photo rest for that team, they had prizes in their sights!
The mottly crew from day 1 at the end of the day, with the prizes laid out at the front of the photo just waiting for the results.
Paul Whitakker saw the potential in a fallen log - that's gotta be worth at least 50 points, right?

George, Sasha, Kerry and Fraser took a more considered approach to the competition, figuring that brains would win over brawn in this competition.
And at the end of day 2, more prizes were laid out, and the crews prepared to hear the results.

But sometimes, test riding the track is the best way to end the day.
There's always more to come though ... Jonathan and Ricky get their kicks out of bashing through gorse and barberry sussing out the sweet lines for the track to come.

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